October 24, 2012

Hello again! Hope to see you at our next gig, which is Saturday, October 27 at Hank's Saloon! We're playing with our friends, Antietam! Show starts at 9:30 and is free!

October 2, 2007

At last--we have scheduled a gig! It's October 26, 2007 at our beloved Magnetic Fields! We're opening for our friends, the Grip Weeds. This may be our only 2007 appearance, so don't miss it!

February 5, 2007

Things are pretty quiet right now...mostly working on new songs in the privacy of our heated living room! Sadly, it appears as if we are looking for a new bass player again. SO...if you or someone you know likes to play low notes in a rhythmic fashion, wishes to rehearse a couple times a month in Brooklyn or Manhattan and are under no illusions that they are going to get rich or famous, you may be the guy or gal for us. Drop us a line and say hello!

Encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture and music not required, but it'll help you get all our references.

November 3 , 2006

We played an uncharacteristically awesome CMJ gig last night! It was probably great because it was at Magnetic Fields--how could it possibly be bad? The other band was lovely, folks were nice, Bud was free.

One man introduced himself to me and said that he and his three friends had traveled from NORWAY to see us. I asked if he was here for CMJ, and he replied that they were seeing other bands, but we were the band he wanted to see most! I laughed and told him it was smart of him to come here, cause we were not likely to visit Norway any time soon. Shit, we barely make it to IKEA in Elizabeth NJ more than twice a year.

The Norwegians seemed to have a good time, but disappeared after the set. We wanted to buy them a drink! If the Norwegians get this message before they return to Europe, please message us on MySpace or e-mail us directly--we owe you guys one. We'll be at the Rainbow Quartz showcase at Arlene Grocery on Friday 11/3 (will be seeing occaisional wide righter Mike Kelly's main band the Grip Weeds).


October 13 , 2006

We've posted a couple new shows...one CMJ gig at Magnetic Fields on November 2, and another opening for the Heartless Bastards at Southpaw November 17...check out the shows page for more details

September 20, 2006

It's been a quiet summer for WR, but we're back at it, working on new songs. You can listen to one of the new ones on our MySpace page--it's a collaboration with the guys from our favorite midwestern NWOBHM band, Wolfbait. We wrote this as a birthday gift for a very special friend of WR.

In other news, it appears as if WR has entered the pop culture pantheon permanently--the newest edition of Trivial Pursuit has a Sports and Leisure question about the origins of our band name! Now you'll have a leg up on the competition...

June 16 , 2006

We've got our last show of the spring/summer season at Magnetic Fields on Friday, June 23. We're playing with our pals from Williamsburg/Cleveland the New Lou Reeds.

We recently recorded demos for some new songs in Peter's studio, and will get rough mixes of a couple of them on our myspace site soon for your listening pleasure. We'll spend the summer hosting cookouts and working on more new songs, and hopefully have more cool new stuff for you to hear in September.

Check shows page for more details...

May 1, 2006

Recovering from Dave and Collette's wedding on Saturday. We're all glad to have woken up without a hangover this morning.

More gigs on the shows page--playing a bit in NYC from now til mid July...hope to see you out soon!

Where's that Alka-Seltzer?

February 15, 2006

We are really looking forward to our show Friday at Magnetic Fields! It's the local debut of new bassist Peter DuCharme, another installment of Roger Murdock's recurring wide right cameo role, and the very first (but hopefully not last) NYC area performance of our good friends, the Sirens!

Rock, beer and sequins. You really shouldn't miss it! Check shows page for details...

February 3, 2006

We are 362 in the 2005 Village Voice Critics Poll! Woo hoo!

That means that only 361 records that came out this year that critics think are better than Sleeping on the Couch! Think about it--we are number 362 out of the bazillions of pop music cd's that came out this past year. What percentage would the ratio of 362 over a bazillion work out to?

We here at WRHQ always prefer to look at the glass half full. Besides, the Dean has the record at #7 .

In other Wide Right news, we've been hard at work on new songs, some of which will be ready for upcoming late winter/early spring gigs. Our very close friends the Sirens will be coming to NYC to play gigs with us and others in a couple weeks--more information is forthcoming. Check the shows page for details...

December 19 , 2005

Really, really big news today! Rolling Stone magazine rated "Sleeping on the Couch" among 2005's 50 best records!!! This is absolutely amazing, primarily because WE PUT THE RECORD OUT OURSELVES! Check out the press page for a quote.

Nearly all the other bands on the list are on major labels. A teeny handful are on indies. And our record is self-released. We got no staff, no press agent, no booking agent. Everything we accomplish, we do ourselves, with the advice and assistance of our friends. This means that our record made this list on merit alone, and that feels pretty good, I gotta say.

It totally made me forget how bad the Bills played on Saturday night.

December 13 , 2005

Looking forward to playing with the Sights at Maxwell's tomorrow night! It'll be our first local gig with our new bassist, the astonishingly affable Peter DuCharme. And he can really play, too. Check the shows page for details.

We just got some lovely press, a Christmastime CD roundup review from the Detroit News (courtesy of Siren's guitarist and Italia spokesmodel Melody) and a pick from Amy Phillips in the Village Voice--she calls us "the greatest working-mom band of all time". Now that's an achievement! And she hasn't even been over for dinner--yet. Check out the press page for more details.

November 14 , 2005

Home again. Sigh. Another great trip to the midwest - so great to play in Cleveland and meet so many nice folks! And see the perenially-awesome Fleshtones!

Of course it was great to see all our friends in Detroit-special love goes out to our brothers and sisters in Wolfbait and the Sirens for spending time with us giggling, arguing about the "merits" of Deep Purple, drinking until daybreak and making extra-special mix cd's of european power metal bands for the long ride home. We'll try and come back again in the spring...

November 10 , 2005

We leave for the Cleveland tomorrow! We are beyond psyched to be playing with the Fleshtones! We're making a rock and roll vacation out of it--hoping to visit the Rock Hall on Saturday before we head to Hamtramck to gig/hang out with our friends at the Belmont that night. Check the shows page for details.

We're confident there will be lots of beer, salty snacks and ridiculous stories to share. We're equally confident there will be very little sleep. I guess we'll be able to relax when we all get back to work on Monday...

October 19 , 2005

Just finished a great couple of shows--playing with the Heartless Bastards and the Bellrays. Thanks to friends old and new who made it out to both of those shows. We had a lot of fun, and were thrilled for the opportunity to play with such great bands. We've got midwest gigs coming up next month--check the shows page for details.

Looking for a good chicken wing recipe? You've come to the right place! Check out this article in the NY Sun for Leah's special-secret recipe for chicken wings and blue cheese dressing. The article was written by Paul Lukas of Beer Frame and Uni Watch fame. (PS, the blue cheese dressing is awesome on wedges of iceberg lettuce topped with crumbled bacon!)

More news--the 9/13 KEXP performance has been permanently archived on their website. You can listen to it here.

September 26 , 2005

We've got a last minute gig opening for the Heartless Bastards at the Mercury Lounge this Friday, September 30! Check shows page for details...also, the KEXP acoustic performance of Tuesday, September 13, 2005 is currently archived on their website. You can go here to listen or download for podcasting in the near future.

August 24 , 2005

Very exciting news--we we have been invited to do a live on-air performance on KEXP on September 13, 2005 at 10:00 am EST. We'll be performing in Manhattan at the Museum of Television and Radio in midtown. Don't ask how we are going to handle load in at rush hour in midtown--WR's crack logistics team can figure that one out. You can listen live on the web or attend in person if yer feeling like playing a little hooky that morning--full details at KEXP's website.

More WR fun facts: Leah's childhood friend Michael Kelly will be drinking been and playing bass with us for the September gigs--you can check out his very cool pop/psych band The Gripweeds here.

August 16 , 2005

Just a little late summer update! We've been having an amazing time--obviously too amazing to bother to update the website! More gigs, more drinking until after dawn, and of course, lots of grilled food and time spent outdoors. But this summer's greatest joy was last weekend--Brendan married his awesome girlfriend Angela in a spectacularly beautiful ceremony at his parents home in Glousceter, MA.

In other wide right news, the new record is getting airplay on a bunch of college radio stations, and more stations are adding the record every day. We're even charting on KEXP, which is a big station in Seattle with a huge online presence. Make sure you call or e-mail your local radio station to request "Sleeping on the Couch".

We've got some local fall gigs booked (including a 9/17 CMJ slot at Ace of Clubs) with more gigs on the way. Maybe we'll even make it out of town this fall! Keep checking the shows page for more details. Hope to see you soon!

July 11 , 2005

We're back! We had a super time--we're presently recovering from a steady diet of beer, biscuits and gravy, drinking til after the sun comes up, sunbathing, FM radio hits from the 70's and of course, nitrate and sodium enriched snack foods. 'Twas great to see so many friends out and about and have the opportunity to make so many new ones. We're trying to keep the party going until this Friday night when we play Trash Bar with our friends Wolfbait and Dirty Excuse. Open bar from 9-10! Hope to see you there!

July 6 , 2005

We leave for parts midwest tomorrow am. Check shows page for details. We are looking forward to a much-needed rock and roll vacation brimming with locally-brewed beer, nitrate and sodium laden snack foods and the companionship of our pals in Buffalo and Detroit. Maybe even a side trip to a museum for some culture! OK, not that much culture, just rock culture at the Rock Hall in Cleveland. We don't want to dilute the touring experience with actual edumacation....we'll let you know how things went when we come back next week!

June 27 , 2005

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our CD release event at Southpaw! We're so glad you came, and hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

Today is Leah's birthday--if you are in Park Slope tonight, she and Commonwealth proprietor Ray Gish can be found on adjacent barstools at 497 5th Avenue (corner of 12th) celebrating their 40th birthday! Come on down and have a drink with us!

June 22, 2005

Tonight is the cd release event! We hope to see you there! Check shows page for details...also, check out an interview with Leah on yesterday's "Three Chord Monte" show on WFMU. Hope to see you at Southpaw!

June 10 , 2005

It's true--no one has ever accused any of us of being just "another pretty face"

from a Japanese culture blog:

"Doesn't Wide Right's singer Leah Archibald look like the ugly chick on Geos's posters on Toyoko Line. For god's sake, eradicate all those unfashionable and comelinessless gaijin from English Language School commercials, it's bad for my poor eyes and it attracts desperate customers.

At least she's a singer! What are you?"

Is "comelinessless" a word?

June 8, 2005

Lineup for our CD release gig is final! We'll be joined on June 22, 2005 at Southpaw by Triple Hex and our Philly phriends Beretta 76! More information to come...see shows page for more details...

June 6, 2005

Further comments from our Philly-based "fan" , Ignatius J. Gottleib. Where can we get a "Hebrew Half Track Drivers Association" t-shirt?:

Tis I Ignatias J(MG) Rielly once again. While I did not attend your recent outpouring of melodious caterwalling, A person who will remain nameless close to me did attend. While this is 2nd hand information, whos source is impeckable, It has come to my attention that even more derogatory remarks, and snide guffaws were had at my expense. Let us for a moment compare our weekends.

WR                                                                       4 th Armored

100 ish people attending your performance         over 35 thousand attended

1 evening                                                               3 full days and nights

perhaps 5 people wanting to take photos              7000 shutterbugs.

some shoegazing claps at end of performance     20000 people waving at you,

driving 2 hours to get to location and no time to    driving 1.2 hour to location

2-5 folks shaking their booties                               the Dancing Russians

lust and love for 40 year old instruments               lust and love for 65 year old clothes, weapons, and vehicles

Long live the 1960's thru the 90's                          long live the 1930's and 40's
rocking out                                                             Blowing stuff up.
Honoring the traditions of Rawk                           Honoring veterans

Now at your evenings entertainment( if you could call it that) fun was poked at myself. At my weekend of entertainment, no malicious taunts or jibes were thrown your way. Our pastimes share some common elements but numbers do not lie and based on attendence alone, I feel the facts speak for themselves.
I tender hearty congratulations for you spin.com kudos, I am sorry that I was not able to attend your performance and I feel sorry for both Leah and Brendans distaste for my auxilliary pastimes as I have clearly supported yours. It has not come to my attention what Spider or Dave feel about this so I will remain silent on their behalf. 
With a saddened heart,
T-5 Ignatious J(MG) Rielly
4th Armored Division Reenacted
Founding Member Hebrew Half Track Drivers Association


May 31, 2005

an "apology" from a friend who will be unable to see us in Philly on Friday. Gibson or Half Track--you make the call:

My name is Ignatius J "Michael Gottlieb" Reilly. In fact I have been a member of a few rock bands. Buttered White Toast, VibraLuxe, and The Drug Emporium.

I have never been an aficionado of the Gibson?Marshall thing and prefer my guitars to have more than one sound and Pickup. Regardless of my opinions I have never denigrated "you or your so called Music" In Fact until I was informed of a few disparaging words directed at some of my other Interests I was prepared to write you a congratulatory note on the success of your musical endeavors. Even going as far to say I enjoyed and have recommended your Widely Right leanings to others. But upon hearing that it is apparently uncool, not so fly, un whack, or whatever your hipster ilk deems the correct street vernacular, for WW2 reenacting, this must sadly stop. I am fighting to keep alive the history of our United States. And Yes that includes your Precious Sunset Strip Riots as well. I am doing my part to educate, enlighten, Give people a small feel for what a WW2 USGI was like and what they went through. I feel a large debt of appreciation belongs to these men and women and I am giving something back. Oh and Drive Jeeps Half tracks, Tank Destroyers, fire 50 & 30 Caliber Machine guns, Mortars, Rifles and pistols and blow things up. A silly past time I don't think so. Without the explosions It is similar to what your raucous band of merrymakers are attempting.  So While I no longer wield a Bass guitar in the service of Rawk N Roll, I do carry an M1 Garand and am met with actual glee when I can answer the questions of a little boy or girl. The jaded Quality of the average rock fan, pales in comparison to the glee of veterans, the awe of kids, and the fear in the heart of the Nazi redactors when We enter the fray. So While I may no longer wear the mantle of cool in your eyes, I wish you much success and would like to express my sorrow that I will not be able to attend your latest offerings at the Philadelphia temple of Rock. Please wish you and yours a Great show for the band ( THink Telecasters)  but much Happiness to the whole Archibald/McBride Family
T-5 Michael Gottlieb
4th Armored Reenacted


May 23, 2005

We decided to employ our secret weapon--Leah's grilled rosemary pork loin--early in our promotional campaign for the new CD. It must have done the trick--check out the Village Voice feature article here and "Sleeping on the Couch" review here. Clearly, no journalist can resist the temptation of grilled meat and vegetables in the serenity of Leah's freshly-landscaped backyard. Now that we have seen the promotional power of the grill, we must declare that we won't stop making dinner for rock critics until every last one in the country has been served. Even if we have to have one over for dinner each and every evening this summer...


May 13, 2005

It's Friday the 13th! But since Wide Right lives in the bizarro world, that means good luck! We're beginning to hear back from folks--we think there will be lots of places to read about our new record in the coming months. We're busy preparing for this month's spate of gigs--two next week in Manhattan, then Brooklyn, then Philly. Working on midwest tour dates--we'll post em when we got em!

May 4, 2005

We got our cd release event scheduled! It'll be at Southpaw in Brooklyn on June 22, 2005! Dunno who else is on the bill--stay tuned for details. One thing is certain--there will be plenty of beer, and probably some "imaginative" tchotchke giveaway. Keep checking back for updated details!


April 23 2005

The geniuses at electrofork have toiled till the wee hours and given us a fabulous new website! We're busy planning for the release of our second full length release, "Sleeping on the Couch" sometime in June 2005. Check back here soon for more details!


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